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Beginner The Android Design guide by Google is a great place to start for layout design advice. Approach layout design with this in mind: you start with a layout defined by Google and follow the principles outlined in this guide to customize it for your app. Pay attention to the rules in this guide, they ensure your app looks great while also displaying properly on all Android phones.
. Design Beginner Nine patch images are images used by Android to provide flexible graphics that can match any screen size or pixel density. Nine patches are a very easy way to create a flexible layout, you should read this early on.
. Design Beginner When you publish an app, you must own the rights to your graphics. Instead of buying graphics, find free ones like these!
. Design Intermediate Using the Holo theme is a must. However, old versions of Android don’t support Holo. This guide is a must read on how to provide backwards Holo compatibility.
. Design Beginner In Android, given the number of different screen sizes and pixel densities, developing layouts with density independent pixels is very important. Read this to understand what the heck I’m saying.
. Design Beginner The software keyboard often screws with your app’s layout, this advice can help control the keyboard.

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