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. 1 Eclipse IDE Setup Beginner You need what’s called an IDE to get started coding Android Apps. IDE is a fancy way of saying “the program you do the coding in”, this program helps you code by assisting you with error checking, code suggestions, etc.
. 2 Eclipse IDE Setup Beginner Under Window > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Formatter – Import this XML document into Eclipse to automatically format your code to Android specifications.
. 3 Eclipse IDE Setup Beginner While more trivial, import this into Eclipse as well (just below at Organize Imports) to define the appropriate order of your Android app’s Imports.
. 4 Eclipse IDE Setup Beginner Before you start pounding away code, ensure your development environment is the most efficient. I used this guide to setup Eclipse for fast development.
. 5 Design Beginner Before creating any apps, go grab Google’s official Android icons, stencils, fonts, etc. You’re allowed to use these in your apps and you should because they’re free!
. 6 Java Introduction Beginner Android is based off Java, so it’s a good idea to learn the basics of Java before starting.
. 7 Android Introduction Beginner To get started for Android, I suggested reading Google’s own Introduction to Android development. It’s a great primer and should help you get your footing before branching out into more specific topics.
. 8 Android Introduction Beginner Take a look around for some of the free and useful Google services which will compliment your app development. I utilize many Webmaster, Startup and Mobile resources.

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